I wish I could go now…

On a sunny day besides a tree, under its shadow,
what could be more spectacular than pondering,
facing the hills, listening to a distant sound,
singular, of barely noticeable buses on far roads.

From so far, the roads were just a hair thick,
and from below the hill slope a falcon would rise,
making circles in air, like a spring expanding upwards,
and then others falcons would follow.

Funnily crows tried to imitate them, always failing,
to reach the soaring heights, from where the falcons would spot a rodent,
dive with precision, and in a matter of few seconds,
have their prey, completing the cycle of life.

The summer has not yet arrived, and the tree would be cut.
Would there be any falcons that I may see again?
I wish I could go now, the home is far away,
I wish I could go now, the home is far away.


A smile…

The moment I saw it first time,
didn’t know it will blow me away.
I had never seen it before,
so enticing that way.

Glancing past me like a butterfly,
I couldn’t even pause.
Making me utter “wow”,
without thinking of a cause.

Hope, desire and joy,
it had all.
It was very naughty,
as far as I recall.

I replay and rewind,
every moment in my mind.
So kind,
so hard to find.

A smile it was,
that smile it was.