Let there be peace

Grudge forgetting mind,
forgiving heart,
tear washed eyes,
innocent face.

Cravings for wisdom,
cravings for love,
need for education,
tender gait.

Faith in logic,
logic in faith,
quest for humanity,
is all it takes.

To make peace in this world,
and hearafter!


How do tears help?

How do tears help?

Have you ever wondered, how tears help us to change our mood.

There is no no doubt that even the warriors so weep. When we are hurt, by which I mean truly at heart, tears appear in our eyes instantly.

Everyone has had this experience in childhood, that when we are scolded, beaten up, or hurt otherwise, we cried, wept, and shed tears.

With tears in eyes, the world looks like a mosaic. I remember, that it is an entirely different view of this world, optically different through the droplets of water – tears actually. That very experience is the first thing it triggers in our mind – to relax – and enjoy the unseen.

With them dropping over the edge of eyelids, and then over the nose, tingling all the way through the chin, unfolds another wonder.

Very often it made me forget what led me to tears just moments ago. The very moment then – the present moment – would fade away all the worries in life.

Some people say that weeping, or sobbing actually helps in recovering from agony faster, than without doing so.