Hold it

Hold your smile, then smile like a monkey.
Hold your laughter, then laugh like a donkey.

Hold the wind, then release like thunder.
Hold the fascination, then let people wonder.

Hold your pain, then feel the strength again.
Hold your anger, then punch in the main.

Hold your thoughts, and let me explain.
Life is a puzzle, that is certain.

Just hold it long enough.


Angry me

Those moments of pain,
having no one to explain.
Not a thought in control,
that is certain.

A cascade of waves,
is in my fate.
I feel it so much,
I tend to hate.

I hear it,
I feel it.
I deal it,
but I conceal it.

Then I say to myself,
be indifferent.
I have nothing to lose,
my rhyme is a bit different.

You’ve been warned,
I say as I implode.
I have become a bomb,
I’m about to explode.