Poetry meet at Delhi Book Lovers

I attended Poetry reading meetup of Delhi Book Lovers today. The best part about listening to people in these meetups is how fast you get to know of content which is already reviewed, liked and is quite likely of good quality. I got to know of these:

… with a hope to pick them into my read-list sometime soon. ( I would like to keep a note of other books too. Please add them to comments section below. )

Of the things we discussed and read, one of the thoughtful moment was to discuss, “what makes a good writing a good writing?”. Well, now I feel that I am in agreement with others on at-least two aspects:

  • a good writing makes you relate the narration with yourselves in some-way ( according to one’s situation )
  • and/or a good writing makes you imagine along with the reading flow

Btw, why do we read with passion a book or poem that someone else wrote? What makes that happen?