Memories are immortal

Flying butterfly. Unplucked flower. Deep thoughts. Calm lake. Silent jungle. All are same. They are beautiful until disturbed, else it takes a long time again, sometimes forever for that beautiful moment.

I saw, that goat, dog or cow sometimes stare in a direction for long. I wonder if they also have thoughts like the way we do. Do they think of their present, future, or contemplate thier past? Who knows if that is infact true. Just listen to the slience at night, and you will discover your old memories. By looking at an old age lady, who is strugging to even walk, you would want to offer help immediately. Life is full of wonders.

I am sometimes lost in sadness that I can’t meet my childhood friends anymore. I can’t visit those places I used to wander, stay put and kill time with. Sometimes, I laugh and smile for stupid things we did in childhood. But then I see my parents who would have lost touch with so many people, for us. Perhaps they have even forgotten this very thought. Perhaps they do sometimes remember and miss those moments. Then I realize, time and again, that time once lost is lost. Memories remain, forever.

Whisper them into ears nearby, your memories are immortal. That is what we call history. Record it now, your own history!


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