Enjoy it like the morning dew

Noboday cares of, what you say or do,
coz everyone thinks the same too.
They won’t understand a bit of you,
until they walk in your shoe.

Pick a pen, a chalk, a stone,
or just your finger dipped in ink.
Recall the past, and your comfort zone,
write your future, and let it sink.

Close your eyes, and forget the past,
just so you realize, how comfort stinks.
Feel the life, that you just wrote,
in you heart, with that ink.

Now a journey begins, afresh anew,
take control, of happiness in you.
Life is short, a moments few,
enjoy it like the morning dew.


Cloud burst

I am gazing at the ceiling fan,
thoughts spinning in my head.
I imagine of clouds raining,
on white and green mountains, equally spread.

Afternoon time was pleasant weather,
and in evening people went to bed.
They didn’t know what happens next,
some weren’t found, even dead.

Nature’s fury spares no one,
who am I to say?
I am writing at this moment,
but how long on earth would I stay?

May their soul rest in peace,
and others reach home with ease.
I often forget your might, oh lord,
keep reminding, but with mercy please.

— Proud to have lived in Uttarakhand

I am soil

I am soil in a shape
In me is some flowing water
Some say my ancestor was ape
And then some dealt in barter

I learnt to make fire
Cook food and boil water
Some say I invented a lot
And slowly became smarter

I learnt to make pollute
Being selfish and luxurious
And made clean rivers dilute
Even dirtied deep ground water

Still I admire you love
And often lost in thoughts
If I wasn’t ever made
How beautiful you would be

That is the irony oh dear Nature
Admiration is in my trait
You have ever given us selfless
Always keep open the gate