Yeh zindagi

Umeed mein intezaar ka alam na pucho
Kyu log kehte hai zindagi badi chhoti hoti hai

Ek lamha hasti hai, ek lamha roti hai
Ye pal bhar ki zindagi, badi lambi hoti hai

Hausla aur faisla, kash-ma-kash me rehte hain
Imtihaan ki jab inteha hoti hai

Hausla rakhne wale ki haar kabhi nahi mumkin
Mumkin hai zindagi ke palon mein, koi seekh nai hoti hai

Kyun zindagi se ho, koi shikwa ya gila
kyun ho koi udasi ka mausam

Kyu na ho, ek mausam bahar ka
Yaaron ki meethi chehkti pukaar ka

Mere bas me hota agar, toh main rok bhi deta
Ye waqt jaata hua, ye waqt jaata hua

Zindagi mujh mein hai baaqi jab tak
Sochta hun chalo kuch yun kar lu

Kisi ke ghamon ko baat lu
Lateefon me yeh zindagi kaat lu

یہ زندگی

امید میں انتظار کا عالم نہ پوچھو
کیوں لوگ کہتے ہیں زندگی بڑی چھوٹی ہوتی ہے

اک لمحہ ھنستی ہے ، اک لمحہ روتی ہے
یه پل بھر کی زندگی ، بڑی لمبی ھوتی ہے

حوصلہ اور فیصلہ ، کشمکش میں رہتے ہیں
امتحان کی جب انتہا ہوتی ہے

حوصلہ رکھنے والے کی ہار کبھی نہیں ممکن
ممکن ہے زندگی کے پلوں میں ، کوئی سیکھ نیئی ہوتی ہے

کیوں زندگی سے ہو کوئی شکوہ یا گلہ
کیوں ہو کوئی اداسی کا موسم

کیوں نہ ہو ایک موسم بہار کا
یاروں کی میٹھی چہکتی پکار کا

میرے بس میں ہوتا اگر تو میں روک بھی دیتا
یہ وقت جاتا ہوا ، یہ وقت جاتا ہوا

زندگی مجھ میں ہے باقی جب تک
سوچتا ہوں چلو کچھ یوں کر لوں

کسی کے غموں کو بانٹ لوں
لطیفوں میں یہ زندگی کاٹ لوں


Enjoy it like the morning dew

Noboday cares of, what you say or do,
coz everyone thinks the same too.
They won’t understand a bit of you,
until they walk in your shoe.

Pick a pen, a chalk, a stone,
or just your finger dipped in ink.
Recall the past, and your comfort zone,
write your future, and let it sink.

Close your eyes, and forget the past,
just so you realize, how comfort stinks.
Feel the life, that you just wrote,
in you heart, with that ink.

Now a journey begins, afresh anew,
take control, of happiness in you.
Life is short, a moments few,
enjoy it like the morning dew.

Cloud burst

I am gazing at the ceiling fan,
thoughts spinning in my head.
I imagine of clouds raining,
on white and green mountains, equally spread.

Afternoon time was pleasant weather,
and in evening people went to bed.
They didn’t know what happens next,
some weren’t found, even dead.

Nature’s fury spares no one,
who am I to say?
I am writing at this moment,
but how long on earth would I stay?

May their soul rest in peace,
and others reach home with ease.
I often forget your might, oh lord,
keep reminding, but with mercy please.

— Proud to have lived in Uttarakhand

I am soil

I am soil in a shape
In me is some flowing water
Some say my ancestor was ape
And then some dealt in barter

I learnt to make fire
Cook food and boil water
Some say I invented a lot
And slowly became smarter

I learnt to make pollute
Being selfish and luxurious
And made clean rivers dilute
Even dirtied deep ground water

Still I admire you love
And often lost in thoughts
If I wasn’t ever made
How beautiful you would be

That is the irony oh dear Nature
Admiration is in my trait
You have ever given us selfless
Always keep open the gate

A walking dream

By the roadside I walked,
in the Himalayan jungle.
All alone, all alone,
in every step, thinking of you.

Trees alpine, breeze was fine,
in the narrow paths, of the hills.
All alone, all alone,
in every step, thinking of you.

They said, there are cats,
wild dogs, and junglee bats.
I kept walking, all alone,
in every step, thinking of you.

I had fear, oh my dear,
i may not get a chance, to see you again.
That kept me talking, to myself,
in every step, thinking of you.

I rememberd a hut, with painted walls,
but could only see the color of you.
Sun had set, and I saw your eyes,
and sparkling droplets, dropping down your cheek.

The moment had stopped, for an eternity,
when I thought so many things.
I discovered the only meaning that is,
happiness, and greatest power, love.

My heart felt, so very light,
in that, one dark night.
Even when the sky wasn’t blue,
I was thinking, I was with you.

I felt happy, and so stupid,
in the misty, shivering cold.
All alone, all alone,
in every step, I was thinking, I was thinking of you.

Lovely school days

Laughter and smile, for no logical reasons,
the life was full of, those magical seasons.
Memories of past kept me holding,
of teacher’s tight slap and tough scolding.

A little lovely buttefly,
that flapped wings tenderly.
It flew outside the window,
when I sat quite, oberving it mannerly.

It was noticed, and teacher was yelling “behold”,
I couldn’t help it, my attention was sold.
Its funny as a child, although a bit mild,
I had this habit, that seemed so old.

Once I failed, and parents scolding, yelling out loud,
I felt my future is as opaque, as a dark cloud.
The ambition was totally misplaced, so was the fate,
I thought there is no way, I could see the success gate.

Laughter and smile, for no logical reasons,
the life was full of, those magical seasons.
A lot has changed, in the long years range,
I’m still chasing success, isn’t that strange.

Memories are immortal

Flying butterfly. Unplucked flower. Deep thoughts. Calm lake. Silent jungle. All are same. They are beautiful until disturbed, else it takes a long time again, sometimes forever for that beautiful moment.

I saw, that goat, dog or cow sometimes stare in a direction for long. I wonder if they also have thoughts like the way we do. Do they think of their present, future, or contemplate thier past? Who knows if that is infact true. Just listen to the slience at night, and you will discover your old memories. By looking at an old age lady, who is strugging to even walk, you would want to offer help immediately. Life is full of wonders.

I am sometimes lost in sadness that I can’t meet my childhood friends anymore. I can’t visit those places I used to wander, stay put and kill time with. Sometimes, I laugh and smile for stupid things we did in childhood. But then I see my parents who would have lost touch with so many people, for us. Perhaps they have even forgotten this very thought. Perhaps they do sometimes remember and miss those moments. Then I realize, time and again, that time once lost is lost. Memories remain, forever.

Whisper them into ears nearby, your memories are immortal. That is what we call history. Record it now, your own history!